Anime Club Resources

First the basics. Here are a couple of posts I did with some tips on getting started:

Otakus Unite!: On Planning and Running My Anime Club

How Less Is More (with instructions for manga bookmarks and Shrinky Dink keychains)

Ok, now here's what anime to show:

I host a teen anime club where I get teens from 6th all the way to 12th grade attending. I've created a Pinterest board with anime titles I've screened to show to my club. Feel free to check it out to get some ideas! I'll be frequently updating it.

Here are some posts I wrote with some activity and craft ideas:

Anime Club "Thanksgiving"

Candy Sushi

Cat Ear Headbands

Hiragana and Calligraphy

Holiday Party

Japanese Food Tasting

Manga Duct Tape Wallets



Sushi Rolling

Video Gaming: Rhythm Heaven Fever

Yonkoma Manga Workshop

And finally, if you are brave enough, here's how to host a mini-anime con!:

On Planning and Running My First Anime Con

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