Thursday, October 15, 2015

Anime Club: Candy Sushi

For our October anime club meeting, I wanted to do something candy-related. So I thought why not make some candy sushi! It's easy and the teens loved it.

Here's what was on my shopping list:

  • Rice Krispies Treats (you can make your own using this tutorial or buy the pre-packaged ones)
  • Swedish Fish candy
  • Fruit by the Foot
  • Swiss Cake Rolls
  • Skittles
  • Twizzlers Pull 'n Peel
  • Twizzlers Rainbow Twists
To prep, I cut pre-packages Rice Krispies Treats in half and tore the Fruit by the Foot into strips. I made some examples ahead of time (see photo above) and set everything out buffet style. I included some more example photos that I had sitting at the tables for teens to get inspiration, but I told them that they could also create their own sushi design.

While this program was a little bit more expensive than others due to the cost of candy supplies, the prep/staff time was minimal. Overall, this activity was a hit and I would definitely do it again!

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