Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Storytime - Pizza


Pizza at Sally's by Monica Wellington - This is a colorful, fun book that introduces kids to how pizza is made, from the flour for the dough until it's delivered to their doorstep. As I read, I asked the kids if they knew that things like tomatoes and flour went into making pizza.

Hi, Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter - Oh my goodness, this book was such a hit! A child waiting for the pizza man is asked what she'll say to him when he comes to the door. Then, things turn hilarious as the child is asked what she'll say if a pizza cow, pizza duck, pizza dinosaur, etc. comes to the door. You can have the kids guess and repeat after you for the various greetings.


Pizza Man

Pat-a-cake (clap hands)
Pat-a-cake, pizza man
Bake me a pizza as fast as you can!
Roll it (roll hands)
Knead it (make kneading motion with hands)
And sprinkle it with cheese (make sprinkle motion w/ fingers)
Put in the oven (make a pushing motion)
And bake it fast, please! (rub tummy)

Baking Pizza

(Tune: Shortnin' Bread)

Every little baker loves mixing, mixing
Every little baker love mixing dough! (Roll hands)

Every little baker loves kneading, kneading
Every little baker loves kneading dough! (knead hands)

Every little baker loves tossing, tossing
Every little baker loves tossing dough! (throw arms up in the air)

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