Friday, June 27, 2014

Storytime - Weather


Hello Sun by Dayle Ann Dodds - This is a cute rhyming story about different kinds of weather and the appropriate clothing to wear for it. I had the kids chime in with the words, "Uh, oh!" when it appeared on the page.

Maisy's Wonderful Weather Book by Lucy Cousins - This short weather book features moveable parts which just fascinated my toddlers!


What's the Weather Like Today?

For this song, which I adapted from an idea here, I made a flannel inspired by the one from Storytime Katie. As we sang the song, I put up a different circle and asked the kids to guess which kind of weather it indicated.

(Tune: London Bridges)

What's the weather like today?
Like today, like today?
What's the weather like today?
It is __________.

(Repeat with the other types of weather)


One day the sun was shining bright (hold up one hand)
But some clouds came along and it became black as night (hold up left hand for clouds)
Then the rain began to sprinkle on the ground (wiggle fingers down for rain)
And soon it was raining all over town.
But when the clouds passed on by (move both hands to the right)
A beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky! (make a rainbow above head with arms)

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