Friday, April 19, 2013

Baby Storytime

I love baby storytime. I will never understand those who think that taking babies to storytime is useless. Just yesterday, we were singing "The More We Get Together" with baby sign language and I looked over to see most of my storytime babies doing the signs! I absolutely believe that babies benefit from reading and singing and moving. Therefore, I make sure to incorporate at least one book in baby time, but because I love to move, my storytime is very music and movement-heavy. Here's my typical outline:

Baby Sign Language: I like to teach the babies and adults a couple of new baby signs each session. I tell them all about the benefits of using sign with babies. I also say that it's okay if they don't feel like using that method to communicate with their child, but either way it's fun to learn.

Opening: The More We Get Together - I use the signs for "more", "together", "happy", and "friend"

Baby Exercise Song: Come Along and Sing With Me (to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb")

Come along and sing with me, sing with me, sing with me
Come along and sing with me
On a Thursday morning

Continue with:
Come along and clap with me... (clap hands)
Come along and roll with me... (roll hands)
Come along and tap with me... (tap feet)

Bouncing Rhyme: Tick-Tock - This is a favorite!

Tick tock, tick tock (rock baby in lap)
I'm a little cuckoo clock
Tick tock, tick tock
Now I'm striking one o'clock...ready?
Cuckoo! (lift baby once in the air)

Repeat with two o'clock and three o'clock, lifting twice then three times respectively


Puppets: When Ducks Get Up in the Morning (song from the CD "Baby-O" by MaryLee) - I have a blue plastic treasure chest that I bought from Target. I use it to hide my puppets until I'm ready to use them. It's nice because it stows perfectly underneath my storytime chair.



Song: "Milkshake" from the CD Songs for Wiggleworms - Oh my goodness, if I could ever recommend a must-have song for baby time this would be it. I pass out egg shakers and we shake them like crazy to this song. The babies love it and I've even had a few repeat the word "milkshake" to me in the library.

Bubbles: These are also an absolute must-have for baby time. I put on a song that runs about 1 and a half minutes and I just stand in the middle of the room and blow bubbles. I often have a mini-mosh pit on my hands. I highly recommend incorporating bubbles somewhere in your routine. "Bubbles" is another word often repeated to me by the babies.

Closing Song: Skinnamarink - You can either sing this one a capella or use the version by Sharon, Lois, and Bram. I brave it and sing without the CD.

Play Time: I like to incorporate play time into my baby storytime. I set out some developmentally appropriate toys and give the babies and parents about 15 minutes after storytime to play. I leave the storytime room door closed so that it's just a play time for them. The hope is that it will help the babies learn to interact with other babies better and that it'll give the adults a few minutes to relax. I also put on a Baby Mozart CD in hopes that it stimulates their brains. 

Do you have any favorite things that you do in baby storytime?

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