Saturday, April 13, 2013

At The Start

I didn't start out wanting to be a librarian. I went through about 3 different career ideas before I even graduated from college: music teacher, businesswoman, and finally costume designer. I worked as a wardrobe supervisor and was a freelance costume designer for a few years after graduating. I had a plan to attend North Carolina School of the Arts to get my Master's in costume design and move to some fabulously artsy city to try to make it big.

And then the Wig Master got too busy.

She called me over one day while we were prepping for the next play and asked me if I wanted to go to a library in the area to help their teen drama club. They were putting on the play "Goldilocks on Trial" and they needed someone to come in and give a makeup workshop. I happily obliged, with stage makeup being one of my favorite things to do.

Long story short, I had a blast.

I had been already leaning towards a career in children's theatre. I much preferred teaching and working with kids and teens than some of the interesting personalities I worked with doing wardrobe professionally. When I sat down with the Teen Librarian there, on a whim I asked what it would take to become a teen librarian. Then it all clicked into place. I could do everything I loved: being creative, telling stories, helping others, etc...all into one neat career package. I dove in headfirst by not renewing my contract at the theater while simultaneously applying to library school and job-hunting. Serendipitously, everything clicked into place and 5 years later, I finally feel like I am where I'm supposed to be.

Do you have an interesting career path?

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