Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Storytime - Libraries


Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed by Eileen Christelow - I love Eileen Christelow's monkey books for preschool storytime and this one is no exception. It's a cute rhyming story about monkeys who want to read way past bedtime, much to their mother's dismay.

Book! Book! Book! by Deborad Bruss - When the children on the farm go back to school, the animals get bored. So they head to the library to look for something to do. But the librarian can't understand what they want...until the chicken tries to talk to her! This is a super readaloud. However, I found that the preschoolers didn't really get the joke, and the parents of the toddlers did. Either way, it's a good one for practicing animal sounds.

Read It, Don't Eat It! by Ian Schoenherr - This is a great read that teaches kids in a humorous way how to take care of library books. The preschoolers loved it.

Lola Loves Stories by Anna McQuinn - Lola loves to go to the library and read all sorts of stories throughout the week. One day, she's a princess - the next she's a tiger! I read this in toddler storytime and while it was cute, it was a bit long to hold their attention as my last book. The next time, I would use it and make it my first story.


I couldn't find any book-themed songs and rhymes that I was crazy about, so I just said that since I was a librarian, we would do my favorites!

In preschool storytime, we did Five Monkeys and the Alligator (to go with Five Monkeys Reading in Bed) and Old MacDonald (to go with Book! Book! Book!).

In toddler storytime, we did Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and The Wheels on the Bus.



Thanks to Storytime Katie for the idea! I printed out the bookmarks on cardstock and let the kids color them in with markers. Then I helped them tie a yellow ribbon at the top for a tassle.


  1. Thanks for sharing these fun ideas! Whenever I host a preschool class at the Library, I do a library-themed storytime and have had great success in using Mr. Al's "Read Me a Story" (from the CD Rockin' the Alphabet). I hand out scarves and have the kids throw their scarves up in the air whenever they hear Mr. Al sing the word, "read" and try to catch it. The rest of the time we just wave our scarves in different patterns (up/down, circles, front/back, side/side) in time to the music.

  2. What a fun idea. Katy...thanks for sharing!