Thursday, July 31, 2014

Storytime - Ocean Animals


My Octopus Arms by Keith Baker - This is a cute story about an octopus who talks about all of neat things he can do with his arms. It reads much like LMNO Peas!

Rub a Dub Sub by Linda Ashman - This is a cute, short story about a boy who meets a variety of sea life underwater. There's a cute twist at the end where he's really just in his bathtub at home. Perfect for toddlers.


Five Little Ocean Friends (w/ flannel)

Five little ocean friends on the ocean floor
The starfish walks away and then there were four
Four little ocean friends living in the sea
The crab slides away and then there were three
Three little ocean friends looking for a clue
"Glub glub" said the jellyfish and now there are two
Two little ocean friends not having any fun
The seahorse swam away and then there was one.
One little octopus sad and all alone
Back swims the seahorse, back swims the jellyfish
Back swims the crab, back swims the starfish
And they played in the sea foam, safe in their home!

The Sharks in the Sea

(Tune: Wheels on the Bus)

The sharks in the sea go snap, snap, snap (clap hands)
Snap, snap, snap. Snap, snap, snap.
The sharks in the sea go snap, snap, snap.
All day long!

Continue with...

The fish in the sea...swim, swim, swim (pretend to swim)
The boats on the sea...toot, toot, toot (pull arm for horn)
The waves on the sea...up and down (stand up and sit down)

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