Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pizza and Pages: The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

Type of Book: Science Fiction/Dystopia

Plot Summary:

Sixteen year-old Cia Vale's dream comes true when she is chosen for The Testing which is society's one chance to attend the University and become one of the future leaders. However, she soon discovers that The Testing isn't what she thought it would be. Cia quickly learns that she can't trust anyone and that some of her tests can mean the difference between life and death.

Average Teen Rating: 6
This title was polarizing in my group. Some loved it and some really did not. Those who really loved The Hunger Games or Divergent or other similar stories enjoyed it. Others thought it was boring and didn't finish.

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think started the Seven Stages War?
2. Do you think The Testing is a good idea? Why or why not? Why do you think The Testing was created?
3. Would you make it through The Testing? How far would you get?
4. If you could only choose 3 things to survive in the unknown wilderness like the candidates, what would you take? Why?
5. What do you think about Cia? Is she too perfect?
6. How does The Testing compare to other similar stories like The Hunger Games and Divergent? Better? Worse?
7. Would you have drunk the anti-truth serum liquid in the vial from the fence stranger?
8. The Testing is a way for the United Commonwealth to determine who would make a good leader. What do you think makes a good leader? What is the most important quality?
9. On page 255, Cia talks about "the end justifying the means" in regard to the war and bombing the cities. Do you think it does? Does winning mean everything, even at the expense of others?
10. Would you want your memory erased after The Testing?
11. What do you think happens in the sequel?

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