Saturday, April 12, 2014

Storytime - Sheep


When Sheep Sleep by Laura Numeroff - This is a sweet story about what to count to get to sleep when the sheep themselves are sleeping! I read this in my Toddler Time and it went over pretty well.

Sheep in A Jeep by Nancy Shaw - This was a really fun book to read aloud to toddlers. It's short, funny, and has a good rhyming cadence. I just wish the size of the book itself was larger for better sharing with groups!

Where Is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox - This is a nice, short read-aloud that introduces the concept of opposites. This was a hit with both my Toddler and Totally Threes group.

Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep by Teri Sloat - I used this one was the first book in my Totally Threes storytime. It's a bit longer of a book, so it's perfect for a preschool-aged group. The story and illustrations are great, making it a good choice for a storytime read-aloud. I made it more interactive by having the kids say "Baaa!" with me.


Baa Baa Black Sheep (folder story)

I found this idea on Rain Makes Applesauce and it sounded so easy and cute that I had to try it...and it was! I ordered The Best of Dr. Jean: Puppets and Storytime and copied the template from there.

Baa baa (insert color) sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir
Three bags full.

(Repeat with other colors. I save black for last and sing the entire song.)

Old MacDonald (with puppets)

I just pulled some farm animal puppets from our collection and pulled each one out of my plastic toy chest as we sung about it. This is always a hit with my toddlers!


Cotton Ball Sheep

I cut out the sheep template onto black construction paper ahead of time. The kids glued the sheep to light blue construction paper and then glued cotton balls onto the sheep. I set out crayons so they could color on the paper as well.

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