Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Have A Blind Date With A Book!

To coincide with this year's Teen Read Week theme, "Seek the Unknown", I decided to hop on the bandwagon and try a Blind Date with a Book display in our teen room.

I got a lot of ideas from Tumblr as well as Pinterest. I took an afternoon to pull about 25 titles that I felt were good reads, but maybe haven't been recently checked out as frequently as say, The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner. I wrapped them all up in yellow bulletin board paper. I taped a book plate to each one and then wrote 3 words that described the book.

Because we keep the barcodes for each book on the inside cover, I just wrote the item number on the outside so that our circulation staff could just type it in manually. Each book also had a review form taped to it. The teens that turn in the book review will be entered to win a prize!

Below is the flyer I made with instructions:

Here are some more photos of the display:

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