Monday, June 24, 2013

Toddler Storytime - The Beach

Summertime is officially here! And with that comes summer reading and our summer slate of storytimes. We offer less storytime due to the sheer amount of craziness and activity in library. Thus, I am only doing 1 toddler storytime and 1 baby storytime (which actually is fine by me!). As I am headed to the ocean for a much-need vacation in the next few weeks, I decided to do a beach-themed todder time. Here's the breakdown:


To the Beach by Linda Ashman
Beach Day by Karen Roosa


"Five Little Ocean Friends"

Five little ocean friends on the ocean floor,
The starfish walks away and now there are four
Four little ocean friends living in the sea
The crab slides away now there are three
Three little ocean friends looking for a clue
“Glub, glub,” said the jellyfish now there are two
Two little ocean friends not having much fun
Off swam the sea horse now there is one
One little octopus sad and all alone
Back swims the starfish, back swims the crab,
Back swims the jellyfish, back swims the sea horse
And they played in the sea foam, safe in their home.

You can download my template for the flannel here.

"The Waves in the Sea" (to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus)

The waves on the sea go up and down, up and down, up and down
The waves on the sea go up and down all day long.
The shark in the sea goes snap, snap, snap…
The fish in the sea goes swish, swish, swish…
The boats on the sea go toot, toot, toot…

Other Book Possibilities:
All You Need for a Beach by Alice Schertle
Beach Day by Patricia Lakin
Sally Goes to the Beach by Stephanie Huneck
Duck Dunks by Lynne Berry
Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies
How Will We Get to the Beach? by Brigitte Luciani
Otto Goes to the Beach by Todd Parr
Curious George Goes to the Beach by Margaret Rey

Seven Little Mice Go to the Beach by Haruo Yamishita

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