Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby Yoga: Pre-Walkers

Last month, I tried my hand at Baby Yoga. I was a little nervous because I had done a Yoga Storytime for ages 4 to 7, but I had no experience with a yoga for babies. Luckily, I had some help from other librarians and was able to create a solid outline.

I held two 30 minute sessions - one for pre-walkers (or babies newborn to 15 months old) and one for walkers (or babies/toddlers from 16 months to 36 months). Here is my outline for the pre-walkers session:

Session #1: Pre-Walkers

  • Welcome/Introduction: This is where I greeted participants and gave a quick overview of the storytime. I also briefly talked about the benefits of doing yoga with babies.
  • Focus/Breathing: I had adults sit criss-cross applesauce with their babies in their laps, back to chest. I asked them to take a moment to settle in, then breathe deeply in and out 3 times.
  • Stretches:
    • I Love You (3 times)
      • Hold index fingers out in front of baby’s hands. Invite them to grab fingers.
      • Say I (help baby’s hands to heart), Love (arms stretched out to sides), You (baby’s arms into self hug and wiggle side to side.)
    • So Big (3 times) – baby can do themselves if able facing you
      • Parents legs out, baby sit between legs
      • Take baby’s hands and stretch up in the air and say Soooo
      • Lean forward and reach baby’s hands to ground/toes and say Big
      • This helps energize their spine and aids in digestion
    • Toes to Nose (3 times)
      • This one is good for hip flexibility
      • One hand across baby’s belly for support
      • Other hand holds baby’s leg near their ankle. Rest your thumb on their shin and fingers supporting back of leg.
      • Bring baby’s toes to his nose and tickle
      • Switch sides
  • Lying Down Exercise
    • Fish Pose
      • Baby on back next to you
      • One hand gently holding baby's feet/ankles
      • Slide other hand under baby's back, gently raise to arch
      • This is good to help get more oxygen to baby's organs and open up their breath, also stretches their neck and back
      • Sing ABCs while doing this pose
    • Rolio
      • Baby is still on their back, facing you
      • Bring baby's hands together, holding them with one hand and use your other hand to bring baby's feet up to be held in your hand one at a time.
      • Try to get your thumbs behind baby's heels and baby's wrists between your fingers
      • Gently rock side to side as fast or slow as baby likes and sing a rocking song like My Big Blue Boat
  • Standing Poses: These will help your baby get ready to walk!
    • Jumping Bean
      • Sit or kneel with baby standing facing you and support them by holding under baby's armpits
      • Say "Jump" (lift baby up) "ing" (baby's feet to floor), Jumping, Jumping, BEAN! (big lift)
      • Repeat twice, then pull in for a hug. (This one is a good workout for grownups too!)
    • Standing Knee to Chest: This one is good for balance!
      • Sit with your legs extended out into a "V"
      • Rest baby's back against your chest and place one arm around their chest for support
      • Use your other hand to hold baby's shins just below the knee
      • Bring baby's knee up toward their chest and hold for 1 to 5 seconds
      • Lower back down to floor
      • Switch legs
    • Star Pose
      • Kneel or stand with baby standing in front of you with their arms outstretched if possible
      • Sing "Twinkle Twinkle" and lean side to side, getting baby to lift each foot in turn
  • Massage
    • Lay your baby on their back, feet towards you with your legs outstretched into a "V". (Or they can sit up with their back to you if preferred.)
      • If you do this at home, you might want to try it with a little lotion or baby oil on your hands
    • Feet and Legs
      • Stroke each foot with your hands and each toe.
      • Hold ankle and gently lift, use other hand to slide down thigh towards baby's foot for each leg
      • Gently massage each calf using small, gentle circles
    • Tummy: Massage baby's tummy using an open hand in large circles
    • Hands
      • Take baby's hand in yours and use your other hand to slide from wrist to shoulder and back again. Switch.
      • Gently stroke each finger or backs of baby's hands if they don't want to uncurl their fingers
    • Now take baby's hands and open arms wide. Then cross into a self-hug!

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