Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pizza and Pages: Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

Type of Book: Realistic

Plot Summary: When Doug Swietek moves to Marysville with his family, things aren't too great. He finds himself trying to deal with an abusive father and an injured older brother who's just returned from the Vietnam war. With the help of the deli owner's daughter, Lil and an artistic librarian named Mr. Powell, Doug tries to become at least okay...for now.

Average Teen Rating: 6.9
I adored this book and luckily, the teens liked it too. I was worried that it might be too much of a "quiet" book for them, but they praised the writing style and characters.

Discussion Questions: It wasn't difficult to find good discussion questions since this title seems perfect for book clubs. I found them from Houghton Mifflin, as well as here.

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