Monday, December 15, 2014

Pizza and Pages: Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass

Type of Book: Realistic

Plot Summary: Just before Jeremy Fink's 13th birthday he receives a mysterious box from his deceased father along with a letter. The letter states that the box contains none other than the meaning of life. One problem though...there aren't any keys! In this sometimes humorous, sometimes touching tale Jeremy along with his best friend, Lizzy go on the hunt to locate the keys to this mysterious box...and hopefully learn the meaning of life.

Average Teen Rating: 7.4
I wasn't sure how my teens would react to this book since most of them are die-hard sci-fi and fantasy fans, but for the most part they loved it! They especially liked Wendy Mass's writing style and touches of humor throughout. I highly recommend this one for middle school book groups.

Discussion Questions:

The majority of my questions came from here.

1. Throughout the book, Jeremy and Lizzy end up delivering 3 different items back to their owners (the book, the lamp, and the telescope). What lesson did they learn about life from each? Did one resonate with you more than another?

2. Jeremy dubs the hour between 11pm and midnight the "Hour of Jeremy". Do you have time set aside daily like Jeremy? If so, when is it and what do you do during that time period?

3. Let's go back to the scene where Lizzy and Jeremy miss their bus stop, but because of that, Lizzy finds another rare card to add to her deck. Was that fate or coincidence? Do you believe in either?

4. What do you think about Lizzy as a character? How would you describe her? Same with Jeremy. Do you relate to one more than the other?

5. Were you surprised to learn that Jeremy's dad planned everything that happened in the story? Did you guess it beforehand? If so, when did you know?

6. What is the meaning of life to you? Why are we here?

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