Thursday, April 23, 2015

Flannel Friday: Five Colorful Kites

April has been a windy month for us here in Ohio, so I decided to plan a kite-themed storytime! I originally got this flannel idea from Jen in the Library.

First, I found some origami paper and folded it into a kite shape:

Then, I cut out thin strips of black construction paper to act as my border/kite seams and glued them to the origami paper:

Please pardon the lamination glare.

Next, I laminated each kite for durability. Lastly, I used book tape to attach kite tails made out of cotton cording and ribbon.

And here's the rhyme I used with this flannel:

Five Colorful Kites

Way up high in the sky so blue (raise arms high)
Five colorful kites flew and flew (hold up 5 fingers)
The wind blew hard (blow out hard)
The wind blew loud (say, "wooooo!")
The wind blew the (insert color) kite off to the clouds! (remove kite)

Continue until there are no kites left.

Cate at Storytiming is hosting this week's Flannel Friday. You can find the round-up over on her blog! For more information on Flannel Friday, check out their websiteFacebook group, or Pinterest page.

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